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The Invention Disclosure Agreement you requested is enclosed for you to fill out and return. Please send sketches, drawings, or photos, and if possible a working model or video along with the agreement, this will help us in our evaluation of your tool invention. If a model is sent, it will be returned after our evaluation.

When we evaluate a new product, we consider how it will fit with our line of automotive specialty tools, and how it will appeal to the mechanic. Will this tool make his job easier, faster, or more efficient? Is it a better tool than what is currently available? Is it something that we can manufacture in our facilities? Can it be manufactured and sold at a cost that will be acceptable to end user? These are just a few of the questions that we will ask ourselves, and you during our evaluation.

If we are interested in your invention, we will offer you a Royalty agreement. A Royalty agreement would provide payments based on a percentage of the net selling price of the tool for a period of (10) years or, if patents are involved, for the life of the patents. The Royalties are based on numerous factors including, but not limited to, originality, function, date of submission, patent protection and other factors. The decision of Durston Mfg. Co. ( D.M.Co) with regards to royalties is solely at the discretion of D.M.Co. and is final.

We appreciate you contacting us and look forward to reviewing your submission.

Donovan K. Norton

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